Aerial Material Surfboard Leash - 7ft - Black - Wake2o
Aerial Material Surfboard Leash - 7ft - Black - Wake2o
Aerial Material Surfboard Leash - 7ft - Black - Wake2o
Aerial Material Surfboard Leash - 7ft - Black - Wake2o

Aerial Material Surfboard Leash 7.0 - Black

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Experience Unmatched Performance with the Aerial Material 7'0" Surfboard Leash: Unleash Your Surfing Potential!

Ready to take your surfing to new heights? Look no further than our top-of-the-line Aerial Material 6'0" Surfboard Leash. Meticulously crafted with the highest-quality polyurethane cord, this leash is designed to elevate your surfing experience by offering unmatched durability and comfort across a wide range of surf conditions.

Constructed with Strength and Reliability in Mind:

Our 7'0" Surfboard Leash is built to withstand the most challenging waves and surf conditions. The high-quality polyurethane cord ensures exceptional strength and resilience, providing you with the confidence to tackle any wave that comes your way. Say goodbye to worrying about leash breakages and focus on riding those epic waves!

Unparalleled Durability for Endless Sessions:

We understand the importance of a durable surfboard leash that can keep up with your passion for the sport. That's why our leash is meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of intense surfing sessions. It's built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy countless hours on the water without compromising on safety or performance.

Comfortable Design for Seamless Movements:

Surfing is all about fluid movements and unrestricted agility. Our 7'0" Surfboard Leash is thoughtfully designed to enhance your comfort and freedom of movement in the water. The smooth, premium-quality polyurethane cord reduces drag and prevents tangling, allowing you to navigate the waves with ease and grace.

Optimized for a Variety of Surf Conditions:

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner finding your footing, our surfboard leash is versatile enough to handle various surf conditions. From mellow beach breaks to powerful reef breaks, this leash is your reliable companion, providing the stability and security you need to push your limits and ride with confidence.

Invest in the Aerial Material 7'0" Surfboard Leash:

1. Unmatched Durability: Made from high-quality polyurethane cord, our leash is built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring it remains strong and intact even in demanding surf conditions.

2. Superior Comfort: Enjoy unrestricted movements and enhanced agility with our leash's comfortable design, allowing you to fully focus on riding the waves.

3. Versatility: This leash is designed to adapt to various surf conditions, making it suitable for surfers of all skill levels.

4. Peace of Mind: With the Aerial Material Surfboard Leash, you can surf with confidence, knowing that your board is securely attached and always within reach.

Don't let an inferior leash hold you back from achieving your full surfing potential. Upgrade to the Aerial Material 7'0" Surfboard Leash and experience the perfect blend of durability, comfort, and performance. Take your surfing to new heights and make every session an unforgettable adventure. Order your leash today and get ready to ride the waves like never before!


  • Neoprene cuff for comfort and extra padding around the ankle.
  • High grade, state-of-the-art Velcro with quick release tab to ensure safety in dangerous situations.
  • Stainless steel double swivels to reduce tangling.


  • 6ft - 6mm
  • 7ft - 6mm/7mm
  • 8ft - 6mm/7mm

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