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On the hunt for a gift for the skater in your life but unsure what to get them? No worries, we are here to give you a helping hand. We have created a list of some of our most popular skating products. Check out below:

Skate Tools

These are an essential piece of kit for any skateboarder and will be a perfect stocking filler. Sushi Ninja Skate Tool is our most popular, with a 3 socket design means they fit all trucks. With 1/2 inch axle nut socket, 3/8 inch hardware socket and 9/16 inch kingpin socket. The Ninja tool comes with an allen/Phillips tool.

Skateboard Decks

Maybe you know a skater that wants to build their own setup? Why no help them out with the deck. We have a variety of designs and sizes in stock from brands such as; Toy Machine, Girl, Arbor, Chocolate and more!

Skate Shoes

We all know you can't beat a fresh pair of kicks, so why not treat someone to some Lakai's? With a variety of models and sizes, there's one for everyone.

Lakai shoes are made for skaters, by skaters, so you already know they're great quality. They have durable high wear materials, so that you stay looking fresh at the parks! 

Skateboard Trucks

 If your skater friend is looking to pick up a fresh set of trucks then check out our range of trucks. From brands such as Royal, Enuff and more. We have a variety of colours and sizes.

The Enuff Covert 306 Trucks have been one of our best sellers. They are super lightweight without having to compromise the strength. With a sleek matte black finish on the hangars and base plate, you can't go wrong.

Skateboard Deck Wall Mount

For the skater that wants to display their old decks, the Hangtime Skateboard Deck Wall Mount is perfect. It accommodates to standard skateboard decks. The perfect stocking filler for any skaterr to turn their old deck into art. 

Skateboard Wheels

Another great gift for a skater would be wheels. Some of our popular wheels have been the Enuff Super Softies. These wheels are ideal for an ultra smooth ride whilst still having the profile of a classic skateboard wheel. Available in 53mm, 55mm and 58mm as wheel as a selection of durometers.

But also the Spitfire Sapphire soft wheels are perfect for the street skaters out there!


Now we are in the cold months, a beanie is always a great gift , keeps your head warm whilst at the skate parks as well hiding those bad hair days! The Toy Machine Beanie has a classic fold, with the classic 'Toy Machine' artwork and even better, it is available in 2 different colours.

Skate Wax

Skateboard wax is perfect for any skater that loves to grind and slide their way through life! The Sushi Wax On, Wax Off Skateboard Wax is our best seller and is and ideal stocking filler.

Also the Sketti Butta skate wax has been popular amongst local skaters and the slides are 10/10.

This can be used to wax curbs, blocks, ledges etc for a much faster grind and slide. Shop this wax here


An ideal stocking filler would hardware, from bushings, to bearings, from bolts to spacers. Hardware can never go a miss. We have a selection of hardware available. 

The Bones Reds bearings are always the most popular amongst skaters. Offering the best quality, precision bearings.

Gift Cards

Still unsure? Why not gift a Wake2o gift card, delivered straight to your email, gift cards allow them the choice! We have E-Gift Cards ranging from £10+

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