NSP Protech Technology Surfboards

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What Is The NSP Protech Technology?

Consider NSP Protech surfboards to be lighter than those constructed with NSP Elements technology, yet noticeably sturdier than hand-glassed surfboards. With an appealing price point, Protech boards are an excellent choice for surfers who want to enhance their quiver with high-performance boards without exceeding their budget.

New performance technology by NSP

NSP is pleased to introduce a new board technology available on a selection of their top-selling shapes. The latest NSP Protech boards provide exceptional value and custom specifications at a reasonable price, making them the top pick for both performance-driven surfers and beginners in the sport.

NSP Protect Technology Surfboards

SecureCell EPS

NSP PROTECH boards are designed to increase their durability and maintain optimal performance by completely enveloping the EPS core with a military-grade fiber epoxy shell. This technique enhances the longevity of the board while preserving its performance characteristics.

Carbon Flex Tail

The Carbon Flex Tail is strategically positioned at the rear end of the rails to enhance the board's durability. Compared to traditional construction, this tail type is also more reactive and offers unparalleled flex response when turning.

Custom finish

NSP PROTECH construction is a hand-laminated process that bridges the divide between custom-made boards and eco-friendly manufacturing. By applying epoxy resin to an EPS-moulded core, NSP PROTECH boards become more resilient and offer ample buoyancy.

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NSP Sustainable Surf Tech - Wake2o

Sustainable Surf

NSP PROTECH boards are certified as Eco-Boards due to their environmentally conscious production. Shaping a foam blank to the desired shape consumes a significant amount of resources. However, using an EPS-moulded blank requires minimal shaping, significantly reducing the environmental impact. Moreover, the use of bio resin helps to further diminish the ecological footprint of NSP PROTECH boards.

More info on Sustainablesurf.org Can be found here.