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When it comes to protecting your head while skateboarding, trust Pro-Tec, the leading brand in skateboard helmets. With a strong commitment to safety and innovation, Pro-Tec offers a wide range of high-quality skateboard helmets designed to keep you protected on and off the ramps. Their skateboard helmets are crafted with advanced technology and premium materials, ensuring superior impact resistance and comfort. Whether you're a beginner or a professional skateboarder, Pro-Tec has the perfect helmet to meet your needs. With various sizes, styles, and colours available, you can find a skateboard helmet that not only provides exceptional protection but also reflects your unique style. Don't compromise on safety – choose Pro-Tec and ride with confidence knowing you're protected by the best in the industry. Explore our collection today and experience the ultimate in skateboard helmet performance.

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      Pro-Tec delivers the very best in modern protective skateboard helmets and skate pads with a broad range of impact technology for a variety of sports, such as skateboarding and BMX. No matter your sport, no matter your style, Pro-Tec has a helmet for you.

      Pro-Tec designs are often imitated but never truly duplicated; that's because no other action sports brand has 40-years of heritage producing the most stylish and technologically advanced protective gear.Need help with sizings? Message us and one of our team will help you out.

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      Jordan W
      Birmingham UK

      Professional and knowledgeable service. Really friendly staff. Great products. Finally a modern water sport shop in Shrewsbury. Can't wait to get out on the water on my new sup! Thanks to Ian and the team!

      Jonty O
      Shrewsbury UK

      Absolutely amazing customer service from Wake2o. Ian helped resolve any questions I had about products I was interested in. The store looks amazing and the product variety is fantastic. Could not recommend this shop and their service enough. See you again soon. Cheers.

      Hannah H
      Shrewsbury UK

      Brilliant service, so helpful! Fixed my paddle board that’s been broken for months very quickly

      Annia R
      Shrewsbury UK

      I had great customer service from all the people at wake2o that I spoke with during the order. I highly recommend this shop

      Simon G
      Reading UK