Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags Wheels
Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags Wheels

Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags Wheels

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Experience Unparalleled Carving and Speed with Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags Longboard Wheels!

Take the legendary ZigZags longboard wheels from Abec 11 and infuse them with the cutting-edge reflex formula urethane, and you get the extraordinary Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags. These wheels are specifically designed for hard carving and slalom, delivering exceptional traction and speed that will leave you breathless.

These Abec 11* wheels are not only perfect for general cruising and carving but also excel in high-speed downhill racing. Their versatility knows no bounds, allowing you to transition seamlessly between various riding styles. Whether you're enjoying a relaxed cruise or pushing the limits of downhill racing, Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags will elevate your performance to new heights.

Crafted with the classic **Abec 11 formula, these wheels embody durability, longevity, and optimal performance. Built to withstand the rigours of freeriding, they boast an even wear pattern that ensures extended use without compromising on quality. You can trust these wheels to keep rolling smoothly, mile after mile.

With Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags, prepare for a ride like no other. The combination of the reflex formula urethane and meticulously engineered design guarantees unmatched carving abilities, providing the traction and control you need to take on any terrain with confidence.

Please note: To maximize performance, we recommend pairing these wheels with high-quality trucks and bearings. Elevate your longboarding experience with Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags—where superior carving meets remarkable durability.

Order your set of Abec 11 Reflex ZigZags today and discover the exhilaration of hard carving, slalom-specific wheels. Experience the perfect blend of traction, speed, and longevity, and redefine your longboarding adventures.


  • Excellent acceleration
  • Quiet and smooth


  • Colour: Lime
  • Size: 66mm
  • Duro: 80a
  • Edge: Square
  • Hub: Off Set
  • Colour: Orange Plus
  • Size: 70mm
  • Duro: 89a
  • Edge: Square
  • Hub: Off Set

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