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Abec 11 Strikers Wheels

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Unleash Speed and Smoothness with Abec 11 Strikers Longboard Wheels!

Discover the superior performance of Abec 11 Strikers, designed to take your riding to new heights. These wheels boast an abundance of lively urethane, delivering unparalleled speed and smoothness that surpasses smaller wheels on larger (45mm) hubs. Get ready for an exhilarating ride that will leave you craving more.

With the entire contact patch contained within the width of the hub, Abec 11 Strikers offer smooth, predictable, and controlled slides. Experience the joy of effortlessly gliding across the pavement, knowing that these wheels will keep you in command. Take your sliding skills to the next level with the confidence that Strikers provide.

But that's not all, the Strikers are not only about slides. They also offer exceptional traction to "hook you back up" after a slide, ensuring you maintain momentum and speed. Experience the perfect balance of slip and grip as you effortlessly transition from slides to smooth cruising.

In addition to its outstanding performance, these longboard wheels are built to last. The generous amount of urethane not only provides a smoother ride but also ensures durability, extending the lifespan of these wheels. Say goodbye to premature wear and hello to long-lasting quality that stands the test of time.

The advanced construction of the Strikers eliminates delamination concerns. Thanks to the chemical bond that connects the urethane to the polyurethane hub, these wheels stay intact and reliable, ensuring your safety and peace of mind during every ride.

Unlock the full potential of your longboarding experience with Abec 11 Strikers. Experience the thrill of speed, smoothness, and controlled slides that will push your boundaries and leave you wanting more.

Please note: To maximize performance, pair these wheels with high-quality trucks and bearings. Elevate your longboarding game with Abec 11 Strikers—where exceptional speed meets unbeatable durability.

Order your Abec 11 Strikers today and experience the power of unmatched speed, controlled slides, and lasting performance. Embrace the excitement and take your riding to the next level with these remarkable longboard wheels.


66mm Wheels 77mm Wheels
Height: 66mm 77mm
Width: 47mm 47mm
Contact: 38mm 32mm
Hub: 35mm SS SideSet 35mm SS Sideset
Urethane: 15.5mm 21.0mm
Edge: Round Round

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