Blunt Envy KOS S7 Scooter - Heist - Wake2o
Blunt Kos S7 Scooter - Heist - Wake2o
Blunt Kos S7 Scooter - Heist - Wake2o
Blunt Kos S7 Scooter - Heist - Wake2o
Blunt Kos S7 Scooter - Heist - Wake2o
Blunt Envy Scooter Model Guide - Wake2o
Blunt Envy KOS S7 Scooter - Heist

Blunt Envy KOS S7 Scooter - Heist

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Blunt continues to rule on the streets and at the parks with the help of the Blunt envy KOS S7 Scooter (King of Spades Series 7) Completes.  Seriously upgraded to take on any of those new learns - wherever - these rides are seriously smooth, responsive and won't give up even if you do!

The NEW KOS Heist, the tech wizard amongst the KOS Series.

Suitable for the intermediate to advanced rider wanting to get technical in either at the park or on the street.

KOS S7 Heist includes quality parts with new killer graphics on premium stealth paint finish, making this top level aftermarket parts setup the ultimate ride.

The NEW KOS Heist features include:

Aluminium Reaper V2 Bars - light weight and durable construction means superb aerodynamics that can take a beating;

Clear/Chrome Will Scott Signature Handgrips – extremely durable and offer the perfect grip for the scooter with added bar protection with the Halo bar ends;

The original 2 bolt Forged clamp raised front profile adds classic style and lightweight protection for the Reaper Bar;

Declare IHC compression Forks - a perfect fit for the 30mm wheels;

30mm wide Tri-Bearing wheels with Galaxy PU give a seriously smooth and responsive ride;

AOSV4 X KOS 6061-t6 extruded Aluminium deck;

Integrated head tube at 84 degrees fitted with Boxed ends.

By utilising the AOSv4 signature head tube combined with the KOS head tube cut-out, this calls for one fine looking deck profile.

This ever-classic stunt scooter is finished off with Boxed ends, a nylon brake system, nylon front plate, and rear inserts.


  • Weight - 4kg / 8.8lbs
  • Total Height - 900mm / 35.4"
  • Foot Space - 410mm . 15.1"
  • Total Length - 730mm / 28.7"


  • Deck - AOSV4 X KOS 6061-t6 Aluminium deck (533mm/21” Long x 130mm/5.1” Wide) 82.5" Head Tube
  • Bar - High Density Alu Reaper V2 Bar. (25.6" High, 22.8" Wide)
  • Fork - Declare V2 Aluminium IHC Forks. Up to 125mm compatible.
  • Grips - 170mm Long Will Scott signature hand grips with halo bar ends.
  • Clamp - 2 bolt 6061 forged aluminium clamp - 6mm bolts
  • Wheels - TRI bearing wheels 120mm x 30mm 86A. ABEC 9 bearings
  • Brake - Nylon bolt on brake - 5mm brake bolt
  • Grip - High quality 2 piece grip tap




900mm / 35.4"  170cm + Advanced 

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