MGP MGX Vader Scooter Deck - Black 5.0" x 20.5" - Wake2o
MGP MGX Vader Scooter Deck - Black 5.0" x 20.5" - Wake2o
MGP MGX Vader Scooter Deck - Black 5.0" x 20.5" - Wake2o
MGP MGX Vader Scooter Deck - Black 5.0" x 20.5" - Wake2o

MGP MGX Vader Scooter Deck - Black 5.0" x 20.5"

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Measuring a versatile 5" in width and 20.5" in length, the MGP MGX Vader deck is the ultimate choice for riders of all styles. The newly introduced fully boxed-end drop-outs allow you to maintain an agile, lightweight setup without the additional weight of pegs while still enabling you to perform tricks that typically require rear pegs. Join the evolution of scootering with Madd Gear's MGX “X” Headtube and MGX Vader deck.

Experience the Evolution with the MGX “X” Headtube by Madd Gear – A Decade of Innovation and Rider Feedback!


  • Width: 5"
  • Length: 20.5"
  • Fluted: Yes
  • Concave: 
  • Drop-outs: Replaceable Square Deck Blocks
  • Finish: Anodised
  • Weight: 1.5 kg (including brake, rear axle & deck blocks)

Madd Gear's groundbreaking MGX “X” Headtube represents the pinnacle of over ten years of product development and rider collaboration. This revolutionary headtube is not only remarkably lightweight but also exceptionally robust, purpose-built to withstand the multi-directional forces encountered during freestyle scooter riding.

MGX “X” Headtube: The unmistakable new MGX “X” Headtube is the culmination of over a decade of Madd Gear product development and rider input. The MGX “X” Headtube is extremely light and durable; designed specifically to withstand the multi-directional forces that freestyle scooters are subject to.

3D Forged Headtube: The MGX “X” Headtube is produced using sophisticated manufacturing processes such as multi-directional forging processes that produce an extremely consistent and pure material with unmatched strength and durability properties.

MGX Robotic Welding: Every MGX “X” Headtube is machine welded to the deck insuring an extremely high consistency and accuracy unmatched by manual welding. The Madd Gear Machine Welding process means every scooter that leaves production is monitored by precise software to meet their exact specifications.

MGX Patented Internal Fluting: MGP MGX Scooters feature internally fluted tubing in the construction of the handlebars as well as the decks. This patented process is proven to increase strength under 3-dimensional loads as well as stiffness without adding additional weight to the material.

MGX 6061 T6 Heat Treatment: All Madd Gear Scooters are rated with both T4 and T6 Heat Treatment. The 6061 Aluminium used throughout the MGX decks and handlebars are first run through a process called solution heat treatment and then through an aging process which generates a material that is both structurally strong and is also very durable.

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