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Northcore FCS Compatible Fin Key

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Northcore FCS Compatible Fin Key

The Northcore FCS Fin Key is a must-have accessory for every surfer. This versatile tool is not only incredibly useful but also compatible with FCS systems, making it an essential item to have in your surf kit.

If your surfboard features an FCS adjustable fin setup, the Northcore FCS Fin Key becomes an indispensable piece of equipment. With its precision design and reliable functionality, this fin key ensures effortless fin removal. Now you can easily customize your board's performance to match any wave conditions with ease and confidence.

Convenience is key when it comes to the Northcore FCS Fin Key. Compact and lightweight, it fits perfectly in your pocket or surfboard bag, ensuring you always have it on hand. Whether you're fine-tuning your board's performance or making quick adjustments on the fly, this fin key delivers reliable results.


  • Standard FCS Compatible
  • Hard wearing
  • Loophole to secure key and prevent loss

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