Pantheon Bandito Longboard Deck - Ultimate LDP Bracket Board - Wake2o UK
Pantheon Bandito JM Pro Longboard Deck - Longboard Bracket Deck - Shrewsbury Skate Shop - Wake2o
Pantheon Bandito JM Pro Longboard Deck - Longboard Bracket Deck - Shrewsbury Skate Shop - Wake2o

Pantheon Bandito JM Pro Longboard Deck - 23.3″

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Pantheon Bandito JM Pro Longboard: Precision Craftsmanship for Peak Performance

Introducing the Joe Mazzone Bandito Bracket Board, a sleek rendition of the bracket platform longboard deck. Elevate your distance riding with the Loaded x G-Bomb Zee brackets for unparalleled performance. If you aspire to compete at a top-tier level in distance skating, a bracket-compatible platform is essential. Each skater's requirements vary, and the bracket-style setup offers customizable solutions to meet diverse needs. Crafted with the elite ultra-skater in mind, the Pantheon Bandito platform is meticulously designed to optimise performance. Its dimensions are tailored for maximum efficiency and agility, allowing seamless transitions between pushing and pumping. Witness its prowess firsthand – this is the very board that propelled Joe to secure the world 24-hour record at the prestigious 2021 Miami Ultraskate event.


  • Length: 23.3″ / 59.18 cm
  • Width: 9.5″ / 23.49 cm
  • Wheelbase: 15.25 - 17.35″ / 38.73 - 44 cm

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Some may perceive this board as petite, and indeed, it is. Designed as a minimalist marvel, Pantheon aimed to craft a fully functional board that excels in portability. Measuring a mere 23.33 inches in length, this platform prioritises convenience without compromising performance. Simply detach the brackets and stow them in your suitcase effortlessly. Despite its compact size, Pantheon has ensured robust reference points, ensuring riders like you maintain optimal control and awareness while riding.

Recommended Setup

Paris V3 150mm trucks

When it comes to trucks for the Pantheon Bandito, they typically recommends your preferred setup for pumping trucks. Our complete package includes Paris 150mm trucks. Specifically, Pantheon suggests the Paris 150mm 50º/43º setup paired with Seismic Speed Vents for an exhilarating ride. Having tested this configuration, they guarantee a thrilling experience that also saves you money, especially for beginners. By adjusting the 43º Paris truck an additional 15 degrees, you can transform it into a 28-degree truck, with the front angled between 55-60 degrees. This results in a stable, efficient board that excels in straightaways, offers exceptional pushing power, and pumps effortlessly. While it may not be the top performer, it delivers a superb blend of pumping and pushing capabilities at an affordable price point.

Pantheon Bandito Longboard Complete - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o UK

Orangatang Caguama Wheels

The hatching of the Orangantang 85mm Caguama longboard wheel took many years - testing and retesting to find the best urethane compound for commuting, carving and long-distance skating.Orangatang decided that their proprietary 'Happy Thane' formula was perfect to pair with a larger, more supportive core. The wheels have the same deep 'valley' shape cross section as the popular Orangatang Kegel wheels to keep weight to a minimum. Softer, rounded wheel edges help the Caguama wheels to pass smoothly over the pavement cracks and to set the wheels ahead of the competition.

Loaded Zee Brackets

Be sure to couple your Joe Mazzone Bracket platform with the proper gear. We highly recommend using G-Bomb brackets. The glass brackets are the ones we had to design around, given that they have the strictest requirements with their shape. Feel free to use the DDS, DDR, Glass Bracket, and the Carbon Feather. All have been tested to work with this shape. For the rear, you can either use another bracket or any of the Torsion Tail options. Other bracket components like those from Exile Mfg in Europe have come back with mixed results, and we look forward to hearing more about their functionality and relaying that information over time.


The Mazzone platform deck combines very comfortable nearly flat-concave through the body with harsh flares right at the very front of the “wings” of the board. These flares act as a natural foot stop, and while they’re quite intense, they’re only at the very end of the deck, so the side of your foot curls up into them, and that’s where your foot stops. It’s all very ergonomic and definitely not an intrusive concave. The shape of the deck is cut in such a way your bracket will curl up right in front of the notched mounting area, and then the wings curl up on either side, and you get a full stopping point for your foot right at the front of the deck, which is where you want to ride this thing. Pantheon made sure to give you every bit of space you would need right at the front so you could get maximum power and speed. 

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