Pantheon Ember Urban Longboard Deck - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o
Pantheon Ember Urban Longboard Deck - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o
Pantheon Ember Freestyle Longboard Deck - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o UK

Pantheon Ember Urban Longboard Deck 33.2"

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The Pantheon Ember is back and better than ever! Many riders are already familiar with and love this board, but for those who are new to it, the Ember is a top-of-the-line commuter board designed around 149mm TKP trucks. Unlike the Pranayama, the Ember sacrifices some of its low-profile design to reduce weight and add a tail. Although its platform is slightly smaller than the Pranayama, it is similar enough that if you can ride one, you can ride the other. The width is reduced by a significant half-inch, making the widest part of the deck at the centre, in the “belly” of the board. The ends of the standing platform are closer to 8" in width, giving the board a notably smaller feel. This makes it ideal for smaller riders, women and children, and anyone looking for a commuter deck that feels compact—like a mini-cruiser but much easier to push around.


  • Deck Width: 8.5"
  • Deck Length: 33.2"
  • Wheelbase: 25"
  • Construction: 6 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fibreglass on top. The bottom fibreglass is underneath the bottom maple ply to protect the glass (and your fingers from getting glass in your hands, should you scuff up the deck!)
  • Kicks: No
  • Drop-In Deck: Large Drop

The Ember boasts a sexy and carefully curved design that exudes style. It is available in four styles to meet various needs on the road.

Important Note: The Ember should not be set up with RKP-style longboard trucks. It is built exclusively for street trucks, and using the wrong setup will cause wheel bite.

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Ember shapes explained

  • The Freestyle Ember is Pantheon's double kick version and speaks for itself. This board is playful with both a nose kick and a kicktail while still sporting a low platform for everyday commuting. The freestyle Ember features the “Logos 2” graphic–a fun one that hasn’t been seen since around 2015! 
  • The Classic Ember mimics the original design with a pointy nose that makes you feel like you’re going somewhere and a much more usable kicktail than the previous models–even more so than the Summit Series Ember, as the new one has more curvature and flick at the end. The Classic features the Yggdrasil graphic that so many have come to associate with this board.
  • The Urban Ember features a fork nose and a kicktail and sports the Wanderlust graphic. The fork nose helps keep your deck from getting hit should you lose the deck and have it run into a curb, and the kicktail helps riders navigate urban environments and kick the board up easily once you arrive at your destination.
  • The Eco Ember is Pantheon's smallest double drop of all at only 30.5-inches long. One might call it “economy sized.” The fork nose and tail reduces unnecessary weight and making this board extra stashable, as well as keeping the deck from hitting curbs on both the front and back, should you lose the deck while riding (the wheels will stick out further than the forks. Featuring the Torus graphic.

The Ember has been a staple in the Pantheon lineup since around 2017. It has existed in multiple forms, and this newest form pulls from the original mold shape with some slight modifications, bringing the lines together in a more aesthetic fashion and adding extra kick on the kicktail. And they built it with a construction that will be stronger over time. The new construction fixes some of the long-term issues with the old Ember by introducing fiberglass into the layup, strengthening the board and mostly eliminating warpage over time.

Pantheon Ember Longboard Decks - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o
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