Patheon Nexus FG Ruins Graphic Longboard Deck - Wake2o
Patheon Nexus FG Ruins Graphic Longboard Deck - 36.25 x 9.6" - Wake2o
Patheon Nexus FG Ruins Graphic Longboard Deck - 36.25" x 9.6" - Wake2o

Pantheon Nexus FG Ruins Graphic Longboard Deck - 36.25″

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Introducing the Pantheon Nexus. A low, stiff double drop longboard made for heavyweights and riders looking for a stable commuter that can handle downhill speeds and sliding. Our stiffest double drop platform, we describe the Nexus as a meeting place between longboard disciplines.

The Nexus merges downhill, freeride, and long-distance riding seamlessly.

This board makes for an excellent commuter/pusher longboard because of the low, double-dropped platform, and it also equally manages sliding and speed with ease due to the low centre of gravity and downhill stiffness. 

The ergonomic crescent drop and quarter-inch rocker provide added comfort and confidence during rides.

You should consider the Nexus for several reasons.

First, if you’re a beginner, the Nexus offers plenty of foot space, giving you ample room to grow into new disciplines. You can start pushing around and gaining balance, and the low platform will make it easy to push and learn how to footbrake. The comfortable concave won’t cramp your feet, but when you turn your foot sideways, your foot will be heavily locked into the board’s signature crescent drops and concave. This, combined with the board’s stiffness, will provide confidence at speed and help when it comes time to learn how to slide. The low platform, again, makes it easier to reach the ground once you are learning hands-down slides, and the lower centre of gravity makes slide initiation more gentle and effortless. 

Non-beginners will love the Nexus, too! The versatility that the Pantheon Nexus provides will reduce limitations on riding conditions. Hills are no match for this baby, and your Nexus will not keep you from taking on any particular terrain. Ups, downs, and flats are all great. Also, if you’re a heavier rider, the Nexus has been tested up to about 320 lbs with success. There aren’t many if any, other double-drop longboards on the market that you could trust for that. 

The Nexus a great longboard for heavy riders.  The intense curves of the nexus are both ergonomic and comfortable. The Strength the curves provide combined with the 8 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass construction, and you have a super strong and stiff platform. Ideal for heavier riders - and down hill!


  • Length: 36.25″ (92 cm)
  • Width: 9.6″ (24.75 cm)
  • WB: 29.5 – 30.25″ (75 – 76.85 cm)
  • 36 Grit Laser Cut Griptape Included
  • 8 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.
  • 1-inch Crescent Drop
  • 1/4″ Rocker


    Trucks: 165mm Paris trucks or something similar. Choose the 50/50 options for maximum agility and turn, 50/43 for directionality and stability, or 43/43 for a stable freeride setup.

    Wheels: Large wheels - up to 85mm Caguamas for maximum cushion, 85mm Speed Vents for maximum speed, or smaller wheels like the 68mm Seismic Tantrums for optimizing sliding. 

    And prepare to have a lot of fun!

    New Maple and Fibreglass Construction!

    The 2020 Nexus was in the prototype stage for FAR TOO LONG. Pantheon truly tested virtually every construction they could think of, and even sold a few fancy carbon/poplar decks for a while. Bamboo cores with fibreglass, maple only, bamboo/maple hybrids, and bamboo/maple/fibreglass hybrids, but nothing stood the test of time or offered as much bang for the buck as classic fibreglass and maple. A freeride longboard doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and we feel that the maple/fibreglass construction is truly optimized for the task. The final deck combines 8 plies of Canadian maple with two layers of triaxial fibreglass underneath the top and bottom layers of maple. This gives the deck excellent stiffness while still offering just a touch of dampening flex that can be noticed in the centre of the board while pushing, and it makes the board virtually warp-proof.

    The Nexus will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

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