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RollerBones 8mm Bearings - Pack of 16

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RollerBones Bearings

As a proud member of the renowned Bones Bearings family, RollerBones Bearings are meticulously crafted with precision-engineered internal geometries and clearances that are tailor-made for the demands of roller skating. Setting a new standard in the industry, RollerBones Bearings strike the perfect balance between exceptional performance, remarkable durability, and affordability. With their unparalleled performance that outshines competitors at a fraction of the cost, it's no wonder RollerBones Bearings have skyrocketed to become one of the best-selling bearing options worldwide. Elevate your roller skating game with RollerBones Bearings and unlock a whole new level of performance and value.


  • Precision ground skate bearings
  • Removable high speed nylon ball cages
  • Removable non-contact, frictionless rubber shields
  • Fast, long lasting, and easy to clean
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant.


            • Set of 16 bearings
            • Instructions
            • Sticker

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