Seismic G5 45º Hollow 180mm Longboard Trucks - Shrewsbury Skateboard Trucks - Wake2o UK
Seismic G5 45º Hollow 180mm Longboard Trucks - Shrewsbury Skateboard Trucks - Wake2o UK
Seismic G5 45º Hollow 180mm Longboard Trucks - Shrewsbury Skateboard Trucks - Wake2o UK
Seismic G5 45º Hollow 180mm Longboard Trucks - Shrewsbury Skateboard Trucks - Wake2o UK

Seismic G5 45º Hollow Longboard Truck - 180mm Polished (Single)

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The Seismic Truck uses an entirely different idea to get the return to the centre: Springs! By using springs the Truck has a phenomenal amount of rebound and that means great for carving and pumping. This 180mm version is a more standard longboard size. These are the flagship trucks from Seismic using springs instead of bushings for, according to Seismic more energy return, precision and better steering control. Used mainly as a rear truck in (long distance) pumping these trucks give a unique feeling when carving. On this model Seismic did a lot of weight reduction in comparison to their previous truck and added a hollow axle on this model. This 45 degrees baseplate angle offers both stability and turnability and is available with different spring hardnesses.


  • Size: 180mm
  • Axel Height: 2.34" (from baseplate to axel midpoint)
  • Baseplate angle: 45º
  • Sold as a singular truck (please add 2 for a full set)

Setup Suggestions:

For optimal traction, power, and control, we usually suggest a 45-degree truck at the nose and a 30-degree truck at the tail, with stiffer springs at the tail than at the nose. Use two 45-degree trucks on symmetrical (twin-tip) freeride decks. Use stiffer springs if you’re heavier and/or taller than average, and softer springs if you’re lighter and/or less tall.

Stronger, lighter and better-looking

Seismic's crack team of engineers and industrial designers scoured every cubic millimetre of the previous (G4) model – looking for material to trim and spots to toughen, all while improving aesthetics.

More Precise Spring System 

The Breakthrough Spring Cap design keeps Springs much straighter as they compress – resulting in a larger turning range and enhanced steering control.

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Seismic Longboard Trucks - The Best Carving and Downhill Longboard Trucks - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o UK


Seismic G5 Baseplates have a unique structure and require full bottom surface support. Mount them directly onto the bottom of your deck, or else with stiff riser blocks between the trucks and the deck (Do not use rubber or urethane shock pads). These amplify stresses on the Baseplates – especially if the mounting bolts are over-tightened or tightened unevenly. Then relatively minor impacts can push the Baseplates past their breaking point.
G5 trucks will not fit through standard drop-through mounting holes, and they should not be drop-mounted to LDP bracket extensions. Unless extremely stiff riser blocks (preferably wood or even metal) are placed underneath the trucks, they should not be top-mounted on LDP brackets or on decks with drop-through mounting holes.

Seismic Longboard Trucks - The Best Carving and Downhill Longboard Trucks - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o UK


Thicker, stronger Pivot Bolt is easier to remove and install, and it threads more securely into a larger Baseplate Locknut. A stronger, reusable Pivot Bolt Clip is easy to remove and install by hand, and it’s fastened to a rubber “leash” that prevents it from ever getting lost. Ingenious new multi-part Baseplate structure creates uniform thickness at mounting corners, so you need mounting bolts of only one length.

Seismic Longboard Trucks - The Best Carving and Downhill Longboard Trucks - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o UK

Truck Axel Tolerance

Seismic axles (both G5 and Aeon) are manufactured to be 7.95mm in diameter, with a small negative-only tolerance. Racing truck makers who advertise “true 8.0mm axles” generally follow a similar specification. Average brands use 5/16-inch (7.9375mm) axles.

The inner race of standard wheel bearings has a diameter of 8.0mm, with a small manufacturing tolerance. Truck axles need to have a diameter slightly smaller than that, or else some bearings may not fit or even get stuck.


Like a race car, they don’t dampen road vibrations much and may seem noisy compared to lower-precision trucks that use bushings. Some skaters are more sensitive to that than others.

Actual rattling noises can occur for a variety of reasons, regardless of the trucks you’re using. The most common cause is riding on rough surfaces with loose hardware and/or wheels that are too hard for the surface. In addition, bearing spacers can rattle between the bearings or against the axles if they’re the wrong size, or if the wheel core tolerances are off.

Try using softer wheels with properly-spaced bearings. Also check the fastening tension of your mounting hardware, wheel nuts, and truck pivot bolts. (Loose pivot bolts can also invite dirt and grime to gunk up the works, which in turn can lead to excess friction among the moving parts.)

The Seismic G5 technology itself was carefully engineered to eliminate squeaking, clicking and rattling, but a few seldom-seen issues can lead to these or other noises.

Most squeaking and clicking stems from friction between the small inner springs, the main outer springs, and the long-necked “sliding” spring caps. To reduce or eliminate the noise, try rotating the spring assemblies a quarter or half turn inside the spring chambers. (Loosen the tension screws first, then just turn the springs with your fingers.) After that, tighten the tension screws at least 1.5 turns. For added measure, drop a bit of silicone or graphite lubricant inside the long spring caps.

Finally, spring tension screws that are fully loosened may occasionally rattle inside the Seismic truck hangers, though ordinarily spring pressure keeps them quite still. Try tightening them 1.5 turns. This puts them in a “neutral” position where they function as intended. The trucks won’t feel stiffer when riding, but pressure from the springs will keep the screws from rattling.

The steering geometry of the Seismic G5 Spring Truck is absolutely fixed and perfectly consistent – either 30-degrees (Stable-Turn) or 45-degrees (Quick-Turn). So wedged (angled) risers have a totally direct and predictable effect on their performance.

To quicken steering response, orient the wedge with the thin end facing the end of the deck. Usually called “wedging,” this is most commonly done with the front truck. Just remember this reduces your leverage on the G5 springs, so you might want to loosen them or even switch to softer ones.

To slow steering response, orient the wedge with the thick end facing the end of the deck. Usually called “de-wedging,” this is most commonly done with the rear truck, especially on racing boards. Just remember this increases your leverage on the G5 spring, so you might want to tighten them or even switch to stiffer ones.

Optimal truck mounting depends on many different variables – wheelbase, riding speed, skating style, personal preference and even body height. You’ll need to experiment to see what works best for you.

Seismic baseplates come in two geometries: Quick-Turn 45° and Stable-Turn 30°. For most boards, using a 30° truck at the tail and a 45° truck at the nose maximizes power, control, traction and stability. Exceptions: big vert, technical street and downhill boards (use 30° trucks on both ends) and low-speed recreational carvers (use 45° trucks on both ends)

Seismic springs come in seven (7) different color-coded strengths. The standard pre-installed springs are designed to optimally blend turning ease, stability and resilience for the average user. Of course, what works best for you will vary depending on size, style, personal preferences, and the disciplines you practice.

The Seismic metal coil springs’ rapid energy return capitalizes on your thrust-carving action more efficiently than traditional urethane bushings (which are basically primitive damping springs). The quicker the board rights itself after you unweight, the stronger you can pump. For more stability, increase spring tension, buy heavier springs, or switch to the stable-turning baseplate. For more maneuverability, decrease spring tension, try lighter springs, or switch to the quick-turning baseplate.

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