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We all know someone who has gotten into paddle boarding over the recent years, they're always happy to get anything related to the sport. At Wake2o we have plenty of bits and bobs that are perfect gift for the SUP-er in your life. Check out this blog post to see our guide to a paddle boarders heart.


This is something no one knows they were missing until they have it! the Northcore Deluxe SUP sling is a life saver when lugging an inflated or solid paddle board a long distance. The Deluxe and the standardare both made of super strong material and have padding on the shoulder to ensure comfort. These slings make carrying your boards much easier!


The RSPro Paddle Grip has been an absolute hit the past few years and one of our most popular products. Being super easy to install and long lasting, it is the perfect stocking filler for your SUP-er pal. This stuff is suitable for all paddles and did we mention that it is available in black and fluorescent yellow (ideal for easy spotting if their paddle ends up in the water).


Of course, this is totally depending on how big of a budget you have. A paddle board is the ultimate gift, whether they are just starting out or know what they like you can find the board for them. We have a range of paddle boards, all complete packages so you don't need the last minute panic of missing bits - If you aren't sure what board to get someone feel free to drop us a call or message and our team will give you the best advice.


Again, this is another item that no one thinks they need until they have it. A must have paddle accessory! There is nothing worse than having a really smart, expensive paddle and then the first time taking it out for spin, it ends up scuffed. Seriously, nothing more heartbreaking!

The RSPro Paddle Edge Saver is a piece of durable and strong tape that goes around the blade of the paddle to protect it from dings or scratches. This is a perfect stocking filler. 


Something every paddle boarder will find useful is a drybag. They are great for popping you car keys, phone, snacks adn clothes into whilst out on their sup adventures and they keep it all dry! Also, if they take a dip in the water, they can pop all their wet items into the bag and into the car to stop everything else getting wet.

Drinks Bottle

A simple but great gift would be a water bottle or flask. There is nothing worse than being on the water and realising you have nothing to drink.

The Rip Curl Search drink bottle is great, it is insulated so it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Waterproof Phone Case

An essential for any paddle boarder. The Jobe Gadget Bag is waterproof and floatable too so no one will need to worry about their phone sinking to the bottom of the water. This comes with a neck strap and even better, you can use your phone whilst in the case! Winner, winner chicken dinner.

SUP Paddle

Paddles are perfect for when you're wanting to treat someone a little bit. Whether you want to get them an upgrade to their paddle or theirs is looking a little bit worse for wear. We have a selection of aluminium, fibreglass, carbon and all the inbetweens. If you need some help with which paddle is best then feel free to drop us a message or a call and our team will be happy to give you a helping hand.


If you are still stuck or maybe want to give you SUP buddy a little bit of choice, a gift card is the perfect idea. Our gift cards are super easy, they get sent straight to your email which you can either forward or print off. The email will have all the information in it on how to activate the card.

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