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Seismic Skates

Seismic Skates: Revolutionizing Longboarding Since 1993

Seismic Skates, based in Colorado, stands as a pillar of innovation in the longboarding world. Since 1993, we've been at the forefront of progressive carving technology, continuously pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge longboarding equipment.

Explore our range of innovative longboarding products and experience the Seismic difference. Join us in shaking up the skateboarding world – ride Seismic!


      The Seismic Story

      Founded in 1993 by Daniel Gesmer, Seismic Skates was born from an obsession with engineering the world's most advanced skateboard carving technologies. Gesmer's perfectionism continues to drive our team to push the boundaries of what's possible in longboarding.

      Choose Seismic Skates for longboarding equipment that's always ahead of the curve. Seismic are commited to innovation, ensuring you'll experience the future of riding, today. Whether you're carving, cruising, racing, or exploring new styles, Seismic has the cutting-edge gear to elevate your ride.

      Seismic Legacy of Innovation
      • Introduced the first high-precision truck of the modern longboard era
      • Constantly developing products generations ahead of the market
      • Pioneering new materials and manufacturing processes
      Seismic Skates: Innovative Longboard Technology Since 1993 - Wake2o
      Seismic Skates: Innovative Longboard Technology Since 1993 - Wake2o
      Seismic Product Range

      High-Performance Trucks

      • Precision-engineered for optimal carving
      • Suitable for various riding styles

      Advanced Wheels

      • Designed for superior grip and slide performance
      • Options for different terrains and riding preferences

      Premium Bearings

      • Engineered for speed and durability
      • Reduce friction for a smoother ride

      Innovative Decks

      • Crafted for specific riding styles
      • Utilizing cutting-edge materials for optimal performance

      Complete Setups

      • Carefully curated combinations for various riding styles
      • Carving, cruising, freeride, and racing options available

      The Seismic Difference

      • "Driven to Innovate" - Our core philosophy
      • Products typically two or more generations ahead of competitors
      • Commitment to pushing manufacturing boundaries
      • Founded by Daniel Gesmer, a visionary in skateboard carving technology

      Riding Styles Seismic Cater To

      Seismic Dre Nubine Trishil Longboard Deck 31

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Seismic's relentless commitment to innovation sets them apart. Consistently developing products that are generations ahead of the market, often requiring new materials or manufacturing processes.

      While Seismic offer high-performance products, many of the designs are suitable for riders of all levels. The cruising and carving setups can be great for beginners looking for quality equipment to grow with.

      Seismic designs and manufactures their products with a focus on quality and innovation. Based in Colorado, Seismic uses specialized facilities to achieve their advanced manufacturing processes.

      Yes! We offer a range of components that can be mixed and matched. Feel free to contact us for personalized recommendations based on your riding style and preferences.

      This slogan encapsulates Seismic's dedication to constantly improving and revolutionizing longboard technology. It's not just a tagline – it's the core of their design and manufacturing philosophy.

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      Jordan W
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      Professional and knowledgeable service. Really friendly staff. Great products. Finally a modern water sport shop in Shrewsbury. Can't wait to get out on the water on my new sup! Thanks to Ian and the team!

      Jonty O
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      Absolutely amazing customer service from Wake2o. Ian helped resolve any questions I had about products I was interested in. The store looks amazing and the product variety is fantastic. Could not recommend this shop and their service enough. See you again soon. Cheers.

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      Brilliant service, so helpful! Fixed my paddle board that’s been broken for months very quickly

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      I had great customer service from all the people at wake2o that I spoke with during the order. I highly recommend this shop

      Simon G
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