NKX Fearless Longboard – Olive


  • Length: 39.5″
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Concave: Shallow
  • Flex: Medium
  • Deck: Canadian Maple And Olive
  • Bearings: Abec 9
  • Trucks: Naked Flow Deluxe 180mm

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Don’t be afraid to live a little! Take an NKX Fearless longboard in your hands and look fear in the eye on your next ride.

NKX Fearless longboard is a versatile all-round board. Designed with a little bit of everything in mind. These pro longboards feature twin kicks for maximum street functionality and with a drop-through design, they come extremely low to the ground and this provides strong pushing properties. Rocker platform and wheel flares create the full feel of your freeriding. Top it all off with the reliable Fearless design, and you’ll have longboards that will last you for years to come!

This longboard is especially good for the beginner who wants a longboard that’s excellent for transport, but still suitable for anything besides that.
The NKX Fearless is drop-through designed and has large cutouts to reduce wheelbite. The symmetrical shape allows this longboard to run equally well in both directions. The construction of the longboard deck consists of 6 layers of Canadian maple that are held together by a thermo lamination. The deck hereby gets a very snappy flex! A heat press gives the longboard decks their dope concave, rocker and kicktails. The rocker lets you get a little closer to the ground and makes your pushing even better. At the same time, increased comfort is achieved when freeride longboarding. Variable concave with a touch of wheel flares gives the longboards better control during slides and freeriding. Long kicktails gives you plenty of opportunity to pop these longboards and do stunts.

The longboards’ setup focuses on becoming proficient in as many disciplines as possible. NKX Fearless are drop-through mounted with the Flow Deluxe 180 mm (7″) trucks and shock pads. Together with the longboard decks’ rocker it provides a low center of gravity which makes these longboards very comfortable to push. Flow Deluxe has 90 A bushings that exert a lightweight and constant weight transfer in the truck for a stable carve. 69 mm wheels make these longboards light and good for freestyle, while the 55 mm ground-level contact surface allows you to break the grip and throw a slide. Spaceballs ABEC-9 ball bearings and The relatively soft wheels (78 A) helps make your longboard skating more consistent and comfortable.

NKX Fearless Longboard Specifications

Surf feel / Carving ★★★☆☆
Cruising ★★★★★
Freestyle ★★★★★
Long Distance Push ★★★★☆
Downhill ★★★★★
Length 100 cm (39.50″)
Width 24 cm (9.50″)
Wheelbase 73 cm (29″)
Deck material Certified Maple & Olive
Concave Shallow
Flex Medium
Deck features Twin Tip
Weight 3250 g
Wheel size 69 mm
Wheel edge Squared edge
Wheel hardness 78 A
Bearings ABEC-9
Truck Size Naked Flow Deluxe (180 mm)
Truck mounting Drop through
Griptape Medium