Pantheon Quest Longboard Deck - 37.1" - Shrewsbury Skate Shop - Wake2o UK
Pantheon Quest Longboard Deck - 37.1" - Shrewsbury Skate Shop - Wake2o
Pantheon Quest Longboard Deck - 37.1" - Shrewsbury Skate Shop - Wake2o

Pantheon Quest Longboard Deck - 37.1"

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The Pantheon Quest is a highly capable distance longboard with a standard-sized platform and concave profile that will handle virtually all terrain effectively. Consider the Quest a sort of jack-of-all-trades distance board. Uphills, downhills, high speeds and cruising will all be comfortable on this thing. And while the Nexus is equally as much a downhill and freeride board, the Quest truly focuses on distance in particular, highlighting the thinner overall profile for ergonomic, efficient pushing, with larger cutouts that will support a slightly slimmer truck setup. 

  • Board Length: 37.1" (94.23cm)
  • Width: 9.25" (23.49cm)
  • Wheelbase: 28.5" (72.39cm)
  • Mounting Of Trucks: Drop Through
  • Construction Material: 7 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.
  • Colour: Brown
  • Drop: Medium Drop
  • Kicks: No Kick
  • Riding Style: LDP, Pumping

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    The Quest is a fairly beefy but slim package. It will manage heavy weights up to about 250 pounds (has been tested up to 300 lbs with success, but we usually like recommending the even beefier Nexus over 250), while still providing a light dampening flex for riders down to about 150 pounds. The unidirectional shape of the Quest subconsciously pushes you forward, and its low, long, fairly stiff platform adds stability at speed compared to other Pantheon pushers like the Trip and Pranayama. It is slightly longer than the Nexus overall, but only because of the closed off nose and tail truck mounting area. Otherwise, the Quest has a 1-inch shorter wheelbase, and this actually translates into being able to stand slightly closer to the trucks and to reduce the amount of foot pressure you’ll be putting into the drops, which makes this a less aggressive board. The Nexus is stiffer and wider than the Quest and really should be considered for riders who intend on using the Nexus for sliding, where you’ll be actively using the drops to push the board around and control slides, as opposed to the drops simply just lowering the platform for easy pushing, foot braking, and added stability, like they do here on the Quest. 

    Recommended Setup

    Paris V3 150mm trucks

    Pantheon's favourite setup includes Paris 150mm trucks in the 50º/43º combination. This puts a high-degree turning truck in front and a slightly lower degree in the back for increased stability. This is ideal if you’re going to be riding your Quest fast, especially on hills.

    If you are going to be riding at medium-slow speeds then we recommend the 50º/50º configuration, this allows for a smaller turning radius.

    Pantheon Karma 92mm Wheels

    The Pantheon Karma wheels are the purest example of form following function in the realm of longboard distance wheels today. Nothing about this wheel is designed without intention. Nothing is stock; everything is bespoke. The entire wheel is cast upside down for the sake of pure performance. The core and tyre were both created simultaneously from scratch to maximize strength, grip, plushness, and speed while minimizing weight. The proprietary urethane blend works with the wheel and core shape to maximize grip to an extent that no other tall wheel has done.

    Zealous Bearings With Integrated Spacers - Shrewsbury Skateboard Shop - Wake2o UK

    Zealous bearings

    Zealous Bearings stands out as the industry's premier choice, renowned for its exceptional speed, durability, and innovative design. Featuring bearing shields on both sides, these bearings effectively block out dirt and debris, ensuring smooth and consistent performance. The secret lies in their unique lubricant, which utilizes a nanoceramic compound to fill in deformations within the bearings, reducing friction and heat buildup.

    Picking A Complete:

    Pantheon's favourite complete setup features 150mm Paris trucks in a 50/43 configuration. This configuration places a high-degree turning truck in the front and a slightly lower degree in the back, enhancing stability, which is ideal for riding the Quest fast and on hills. For medium to lower speeds and a smaller turning radius, the 50/50 configuration is recommended.

    While Pantheon prefers the tight fit of a 150mm truck, they also offer 165mm trucks for riders who want to eliminate the possibility of wheelbite. With the 150mm setup, wheelbite may be possible depending on bushing choice, riding style, and rider weight. Pantheon emphasizes the importance of adjusting your setup to suit your needs, as they believe the slimmer 150mm configuration is superior. This setup significantly reduces the chances of kicking wheels accidentally and allows riders to land their push foot closer to their center of gravity, resulting in a more powerful and efficient ride.

    For riders using wider wheels, such as Orangatang Caguamas, Pantheon recommends opting for the 165mm trucks. With Speed Vents, the fit is nearly perfect with the 150mm trucks. Pantheon's commitment to offering various options ensures that riders can find the perfect setup for their unique riding style and preferences.

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