Pantheon Supersonic LDP Longboard Deck - 36.5″ - Wake2o
Pantheon Supersonic LDP Longboard Deck - 36.5″ - Wake2o

Pantheon Supersonic LDP Longboard Deck - 36.5″

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Introducing the Pantheon Supersonic LDP Longboard Deck. For those who already understand this type of LDP board, let’s just get a couple of key features out of the way that distinguishes this board from any other deck of this type made before. Firstly, it has been designed around the most classic and readily available RKP cast trucks available. The intention here is to offer a super high-functioning but cost-effective setup.

The Supersonic deck features a mild camber between the drops and incredibly tight curvature, considering the required curves necessary to make this geometry work. Pantheon has integrated very mild versions of crescent drops in all curvature points (even the down-curve of the de-wedged back end!) on this deck, making them stronger than boards of the past and allowing control where the board flexes. The concave is mellow, as it should be so that you’re comfortable no matter what distance you’re skating. But the curves are subtle and strong, and there are no true flat spots on the board anywhere, resulting in a superb board feel.

Supersonic 6 Ply

We believe the 6-ply option to be ideal for riders under 170 pounds. 
  • Board Length: 36.5"
  • Mounting Of Trucks: Top Mount
  • Construction Material: Maple 6-Ply or XL 8 Ply
  • Colour: Black
  • Drop: Large Drop
  • Kicks: No Kick
  • Riding Style: LDP, Pumping

The Ideal Pantheon Supersonic Truck Setup

The inherent geometry of the Pantheon Supersonic LDP longboard will allow you to run Bear 130mm, 155mm or Paris 150mm effectively.

You’ll want either the 40° (Bear) or 43° (Paris) at the back, and either the 50° or the 40/43° in front.

Because of the very similar base geometry of these trucks, they will run within about 1.5mm axle height from front to back regardless of which truck position you use, WITHOUT RISER up to 90mm wheels if using a 50° front truck.

Any further tinkering is certainly welcome, but this is an incredible starting point for a top of the line LDP longboard setup, with the stock setups already being super effective right out of the box.

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